Acupuncture for Wellness Colorado Springs

Traditional Chinese Medicine + Acupuncture for Wellness


I am often asked the question “If I am not sick can Traditional Chinese Medicine help me”?

In fact in ancient China the Emperor hired a TCM Practitioner to take care of his family. Interestingly enough the practitioner was paid ONLY if the royal family did NOT get sick. If they got sick the Dr. was not paid, it was his job to pay attention to signs and symptoms that might be pointing to a pending illness. By maintain wellness many severe dis-eases can be warded off.
Acupuncture for Wellness in Colorado Springs
Chinese Medicine was developed thousands of years ago when western medicine was not available. Acupuncture is used for almost any health concern today. The dis-eases of today are as common as thousands of years ago. Over the last thousands of years the Chinese learned how to treat dis-eases with herbs and acupuncture before diagnostic techniques were even developed.

There is no “blanket” cure for the many symptoms that you may experience. We take the time to sit down with you, listen to all of your…… you might think as “silly”…… complaints. Most of these subtle things that you experience means something to me. They will point directly to various imbalances and give me clues as to how we can help you heal ward off deepening disorders and help you achieve optimal health with the ability to live a passionate disease free life again.

Diane’s goal is to combine the knowledge of Eastern medicine as well as Western medicine in a holistic environment to give you the best of both worlds.