Welcome to East Winds Acupuncture. We had a facelift (a natural one of course) and are still working out the bugs so please let us know if something needs attention.

For all of you have written  testimonials for my new web site of how treatments here at East Winds has “changed your life” or how we have helped a loved one, thank you. I have my favorite testimonials for sure, the “miracle” babies” and the one written by “an army wife” who tells her story.  After her husband had been deployed numerous tours he finally came home to join her and her two children. It was painfully obvious that he was suffering from PTSD, he never slept, could not go into crowds and had terrible anger issues. She was desperate and could not find help within “the system”. She writes, how after consistent Acupuncture treatments and herbs she began to see her former husband “come back” to her. She wrote “It was amazing to fall in love with my husband all over again”.

I will try to be as active as I can with current health articles, research and other information. It is my strong belief that if we have good information we have the tools to make better choices in taking control of our health.