Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) & Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

Approaches for Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Many studies have proven that Acupuncture in the form or Traditional Chinese Medicine can successfully treat PCOS.  It is not a quick fix rather it requires a series of treatments including herbal prescriptions taken daily better choices in terms of choices, lifestyle and dietary changes. This therapy works more quickly with some patients than others.  Compliance plays a role in outcomes and every patient responds at differently, based on their constitution and compliance.

One study out of Sweden studied the difference between physical exercise, no intervention and electro acupuncture (EA). This study was based on a 16 week course of treatment.  EA demonstrated improvement in fasting blood sugar, acne, menstrual patterns, Hyperandrogenismm (to many male hormones) as well as improvement in a full endocrine analysis.  EA was significantly different between the no treatment group and electro acupuncture.  Additionally, the EA group had greater improvement than the l exercise group in acne, sex steroids, testosterone and menstrual regulation.

Treatment plan proposed:

  • Complete evaluation based on Chinese Medicine.
    • One-hour evaluation only on initial intake
  • Week one through three EA 2 times per week
    • Herbal prescription prescribed for individual patient based on their constitution and pattern.
  • Week three though ten EA one time per week
  • Week ten through 17 EA every other week
  • Herbal prescriptions to be continued and modified on as needed bases.

Baseline labs before treatment, reevaluation at the 3-4-month time line.  Patient either continues EA and herbal prescription based on evaluation of, androgen levels, sex steroids as well as any other significant measures ordered by physician and staff.

I would recommend a patient self-evaluation re menstrual regulation, acne, moods and energy levels in conjunction with labs.

Goals for patients using TCM:

  • Regulation of menses
  • Improved ovulation
  • Pregnancy if desired of patient
  • Improvement of sex hormones
  • Improvement of quality of life
  • Improvement in wellness and longevity
  • Education on making better choices in terms of foods, lifestyle and personal habits.

It is my goal to work with PCOS patients to help them with motivation, accountability, support as well as help them understand that this requires a lifelong change. My desire is to not only see these effects of this therapy on my patients personally; but to put into place a healthy lifestyle for their entire family for longevity and overall wellness. PCOS is passed onto daughters of PCOS gals and their Grandchildren as well. We can help.