Pediatric Testimonials

Happy healthy Five year old5yrold

I brought my 5 year old son to Dr. Diane for gut challenges. He had become consistently bound up, as well as having trouble with dairy, often complaining of his abdomen hurting, and having some behavioral challenges. I consulted with a GI doctor and was horrified by the experience. I came to Dr. Diane hoping to find a cause, not just a stop-gap solution for a symptom. I was incredibly pleased. My son loved her from the start and especially loved the massage along his acupressure points. We were able to not only reverse the problem, we were able to heal my son’s gut enough that he could eat dairy without being ill and it even uncovered food triggers for his behavioral challenges!  I was amazed how many tools she had available for him. Bringing my son to Dr. Diane was the best thing I did for his health. Thank you, Dr. Diane! 

Amber our Newborn

Diane helped us get pregnant with our third child.

Within a few days after her birth she seemed to be having a lot of gas and discomfort; she would nurse and projectile vomit.

We tired various remedies and ended up taking her to our pediatrician who put her on Nexium. We were desperate and didn’t know what to do.

Then I remember being at Diane’s office and seeing a brochure on how Chinese Medicine can treat children without using needles.

We made an appointment and she treated Amber using small tools along her back, legs and arms. She taught us how to do this with Amber at home since we lived almost an hour away. She prescribed some liquid herbs and told us to slowly wean her off the Nexium. Within 3 days she was off the Nexium, we now had a peaceful baby who was cheerful and healthy. Thank you Diane

“Happy Baby, Happy Parents”