New Parent Testimonials

Acupuncture for pre-eclampsia, edema + breech position Lila Sarah baby preeclampsia 2016

I was diagnosed with preeclampsia of pregnancy. I had extreme edema (water retention) elevated blood pressure and protein in my urine. To complicate matters more my baby was breech. 

I was referred to Dr Diane by my midwife.

Not only did she get the Lila Sarah swollen feet 2016 pregnancypreeclampsia under control but she was able to help the baby get into the right position, head down. She turned and stayed in a good position for a vaginal delivery.

After the delivery I began to have more symptoms and lots of swelling. I had more acupuncture and the swelling immediately went down.  Here is a picture  before and after acupuncture.

Water is moving on out………..Thank you for helping me feel better.

We now have a beautiful baby girl. 


Claire Radtke

Acupuncture is effective for depression during pregnancy.

This year I became pregnant with our first baby. I have suffered from depression for most of my life and have always treated it with medication. Because of the pregnancy I wanted to find an alternative method of treatment. Dr. Diane began treating me weekly and I was thrilled with the results. After the first few sessions I was completely free of any signs of depression. Dr. Diane treats the entire person not just the symptom. Not only did she work on my depression, she eased the aches and pains that come with pregnancy, guided me in improving my diet and helped me get ready for the birth. I am now the proud mother of a healthy, beautiful little girl. Thank you Dr. Diane. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Claire Radtke

Fertility IUI

My husband and I were able to get pregnant with our first child without any problems. When we started for our second, months went by without any luck. We started getting tests done to make sure there was nothing wrong; all results showed that we shouldn’t be having any problems. Eventually we went on Clomid to help the process. Each month we went in for ultra sounds to check egg size and number, along with the thickness of my uterine lining. After a few months, my uterine lining was thinning and we were told we wouldn’t be able to continue with Clomid and would need to begin more intense treatments. At that point I sought the help of Dr. Diane. During one month off of any treatments with the fertility clinic, I began taking herbs three times a day and had acupuncture treatments twice a week. After one month, I started Clomid again for one last try. The ultrasound showed a very thin uterine lining again, so Dr. Diane did special treatments right around my ovulation. It worked! I got pregnant that very cycle. Continuing treatments during my first trimester helped with nausea and we’re now only a few weeks away from the birth of our second baby. I wish I would have come here first!

Teresa M.

Morning sickness, placenta previa helped by Acupuncture and Herbal treatments with Diane


I am finishing up last things before I have to go back to work next week. It has been an amazing 12 weeks off getting to know my new baby girl, and I am sad to leave her at home, but such is life!

I have had a note sitting around for forever to remind me to do a testimonial. Better late than never I hope? Here goes.

My third pregnancy was by far my toughest. I had really bad morning sickness through my first trimester leaving me very depleted. As soon as I got through it at the start of my second trimester, I had a scary afternoon where I started to bleed. I rushed to the doctor, where they ran some tests and did an ultrasound. It was discovered that I had a complete placenta previa, which is a risky complication where the placenta is not where it should be inside the uterus. I was put on a modified rest schedule, and watched closely from there on out by my doctor. Wanting to be sure that I did everything I could, I turned to Dr. Diane at East winds Acupuncture. I had read that a strict regimen of herbs and regular acupuncture treatments could in some cases help move the placenta to a safer spot, even when you are given a next to nothing chance my modern medicine for any sort of improvement. Dr. Diane went to work with me, and by about 30 weeks into my pregnancy, my placenta did move partially out of the way! It didn’t move far enough that it saved me from having a c-section, but given the complication we were able to stave off the usual side effects of continual bleeds and hospital stays putting my baby and myself at further risk. Knowing other moms dealing with the same condition, by in large, with the right care and maintenance, my path through this was far less dramatic and risky. I am incredibly grateful for this extra level of care. My daughter and I made it to our scheduled c-section date and are both doing well.

Feel free to edit however you like. It’s a complicated thing to describe without writing a novel, so I hope I did ok! And, I attached a picture of Katie that you can use with it as well. She is such a cutie and we love her so much! 🙂

Happy new year to you and Valerie! Hope you have both had a wonderful holiday season overall!

Sarah Wilkerson