Your initial New Patient evaluation will be conduct as a Telemedicine appointment. This will take about 50 plus minutes. Once you compete this, we will bring you in for your first treatment.

The safety of our patients and staff has always been incredibly important to our business. In response to the current pandemic, East Winds staff members have conducted an exhaustive search of the available evidence on the virus that causes COVID-19, reviewed the available guidance from Federal and State authorities, and consulted with our peers and other health experts. We will continue to closely monitor the new research that is being released on COVID-19 transmission, treatments, and guidelines for health care facilities, as this information continues to evolve.

We have created a detailed infectious disease prevention plan which includes the following:

    • Extreme Measures to ensure proper physical distancing.
    • Increased disinfection protocol, including weekly cleaning with surgical sterilization products
    • Masks are required when in Clinic, as well as extreme hand sanitizing protocols set in place.
    • Practitioner and administrative staff protocols are in place to limit exposure, including personal protective equipment (PPE).