Athlete Testimonials

Ultra Distance Runner

Victor testimonial

Victor Farmiga

As a trail ultramarathon runner I push my body hard and occasionally have to deal with soft tissue injuries and pain.  With her wonderful holistic approach Dr. Diane has helped me overcome both acute and chronic issues in my legs, hips, back, neck and shoulders.  Additionally, her treatments provide quick recovery from training and racing, as well as stress relief and relaxation.  Dr. Diane’s insight into Chinese Medicine, nutrition and endurance training have been invaluable to my health and fitness and have allowed me to keep running strong.  I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Diane for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Triathlete Rich

Rich Kiser

I wanted to let you know what a great job Diane did on my calf. I was having a lot of problems with my right calf and could not run. I came in and Diane did a couple of treatments and my calf was as good as new.

I was training for the Boulder Sunrise triathlon and doing well in my preparation. I got to the race and the water was very cold. I was able to finish the swim and got onto the bike. It was a bit chilly on the bike and I could feel my calf start to tighten up. I was able to push through and finished the bike. I make the bike run transition but by the time I ran one mile my calf tightened up so much I could hardly walk. I decided to pull the plug on the run and not take a chance of hurting myself further.

I called Diane for some acupuncture and she was able to get me in right away. She did some acupuncture on my calf and it felt much better. I made another appointment for the next week. After the second appointment my calf was much better and after the third treatment my calf was back to normal. I was able to start running again and I was able to start to push the mileage and had a strong finish to the triathlon season. Thanks Diane for getting me back into training and racing after just three treatments.

Rich Kiser

Olympic modern Pentathlete

Samantha Achterberg

I have been going to see Dr. Diane for about 2 years now and have noticed such an improvement in my lifestyle and with my athletic career. Not only has she helped to treat me for small issues that come up periodically, but she tries to look deeper into the problem and find a way to fix any issues for the long term. She has continuously gone out of her way to find ways to help me live a healthier and happier life. As a full time athlete at the Olympic Training Center my body goes through a lot and with her diverse and knowledgeable background she is able to help me in so many ways other than just with acupuncture. I feel very comfortable with Diane and trust her to help me make decisions on my health and help me move in the right direction to keep my body healthy and working towards qualifying for the Olympic team in 2016. I cannot even express all of the thanks I have for what she has done for me with acupuncture treatments and the help and guidance she has provided me with in all areas of my health and life.

Samantha Achterberg

Triathlon Often Cause Unwanted Overuse Injuries

“The rigors of training for endurance events like a marathon or a triathlon often cause unwanted overuse injuries. As a former Professional Athlete and winner of the Boston Marathon I have found the hardest part of being an endurance athlete is getting to the starting line healthy. One of the training tools that I personally use and prescribe to the athletes that I now coach is -. Acupuncture treatments for common overuse injuries can get an athlete up and training again and to the starting line.”

Lisa Rainsberger
Winner Boston 1985


I have been so pleased with the acupuncture and herbal treatments I have received from Dr. Diane. Several years ago I had a running injury which was not improving with physical therapy, stretching, or any of the usual noninvasive treatments. My running coach recommended that I see her acupuncturist, Dr. Diane Cridennda. I saw Dr Diane for acupuncture and the discomfort was immediately relieved after each treatment. She suggested that I add Active Release Therapy to her treatments to correct the muscle alignment problems I had.

I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Diane really wants me to heal and suggests and promotes other treatment modalities if necessary. Lately, she has helped me tremendously to balance my intestinal response to dietary fats and to keep diverticulitis attacks at bay. An added benefit for me from the acupuncture treatments is not only the feeling of being more balanced, but it has decreased my histamine response to plant pollen! Less hay fever!

-Rebecca Curtis RN


“My job is to train for and compete in triathlons at a world-class level, so keeping my body healthy is my top priority. Under Diane’s care I had one of the best racing seasons of my life, and I attribute much of that success to the healing power of acupuncture. Regular treatments left me feeling relaxed and balanced, countering the effects of stress and hard training on my body and mind.”

-Victor Plata 2004 Olympian

Better & Faster Recovery

“In the last 5 years, I have transformed from a casual short distance runner into a marathoner and then finally this year, I try ultra-marathons. Acupuncture has given me a better and faster recovery form long training runs and while helping to reduce the muscle fatigue and aches associated with the endurance training I put my body through. The associated relaxation and energy balancing helps to deep my inner-self centered, focused and healthy.”

Andy Cullan


I herniated my L4-L5 disc quite severely in January of 2000 from competing in indoor rowing, and after the injury immediately started rehabilitation. The rehabilitation was to minimize and hopefully eliminate the herniation. I was in physical therapy for 18 months with minimal relief, and wondering what the next step would be. I wanted to continue running, cycling and lifting weights, plus just being able to play with my kids.

Nothing was helping, so I talked with Diane and decided to start receiving treatment for the severe pain in my lower back, abdomen, and for the nerve pain radiating down both of my legs. With just a few treatments, I noticed a significant relief of all of the pain, in addition to a huge relief of my emotional stress resulting from the pain. Because of my long-term goals of running and cycling, I decided to have surgery in August of 2001 and have the disc partially removed. After the surgery, I continued with Diane’s treatments, and was able to complete my first full marathon in May of 2002. Also, as I trained for my marathon, I developed a sharp pain on my kneecap with just two weeks to the start of the marathon, and after just one treatment from Diane, it was gone and never came back.

I am again training for the NYC marathon, and along the way I have developed small injuries accompanied by pain in both my lower back and my knees. Diane has successfully treated those also, which has allowed me to continue my run training along with being able to augment my training by cycling.

I know for sure, that without Diane’s acupuncture treatments throughout my struggles with pain and emotional stress, I would not be able to train and accomplish my goals.

Thank you Diane!


I came to Dr. Diane last April after unsuccessfully battling IT band syndrome for 2 months. Running 10 miles caused significant lateral knee pain. I had treated it with ultrasound, electrical stimulation and iontophoresis without success and was getting anxious about the 50 mile race I was training for that was only 2 months away. After Dr. Diane took an extensive history, she began my treatment. She treated 2 times a week for 3 weeks and allowed me to continue my training. After just 3 short weeks, I returned to my training schedule pain free. I was able to complete my first ultramarathon in June thanks to Dr. Diane.

Patrick Leahy, PT
Physical Therapist

Dr Diane helped me get to the Starting Line for my first Marathon and I finished pain free!

Three weeks before my first marathon, I developed peroneal tendonitis in my right foot. I had struggled with the same problem in my left foot about three months before and knew immediately that I was in trouble. I could almost see my dream slipping away before my very eyes. I had trained for two previous marathons and was unable to make the start line due to injuries. I was willing to do anything to run this race. I was desperate. I didn’t know much about acupuncture before meeting Dr. Diane. A friend had recommended her to me and I figured I had nothing to lose. Dr. Diane was amazing! At our first meeting, she truly listened to me and all of my concerns, hopes and dreams. Her goal, as was mine, was to allow me to train through the tendonitis and run my marathon to the best of my ability. I was treated up until my marathon and was able to maintain my rigorous schedule while my tendonitis healed. I noticed a difference after my first treatment. With each subsequent session, I felt progress and gained confidence that I would be able to run the marathon. By race day, I was 100% thanks to Dr. Diane. I had three goals going into the race: 1) Finish 2) Finish in under four hours and 3) Qualify for Boston (A bit of a stretch). I achieved 2 of my goals and nearly the third. I give a lot of credit to Dr. Diane for making the start line and reaching my goals. I am truly grateful for her. I continue to visit for monthly treatments to ensure I keep my mind and body healthy. I plan to run another marathon and will depend on Dr. Diane to again, prepare me to reach not only the start line but also reach my dreams. Stacey 10-2010

Another Marathon under my belt. Thanks Dr Diane

Two weeks before my marathon I came down with a terrible chest cold. Dr. Diane had treated me for running injuries that really helped me in the pas;t so I immediately scheduled an appointment to see what she would recommend. Dr. Diane was able to treat my symptoms with acupuncture and herbs. I left for my race not knowing if I would be able to run the full marathon. However, the treatments and herbs helped in restoring my health. By race day, I was feeling well enough to run the full marathon. I have Dr. Diane to thank for this! In addition, Dr. Diane has recommended herbs that will help improve my overall health. I am confident that my follow-up treatments will help insure my health for future races. Thanks again Dr. Diane. Annie